by Bob Wiegers

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“Context” is a collection of songs about the things close to my heart: family, home and faith. This is a completely hand-made and home-made collection, done very simply in every way. I am not here to impress you with clever or obscure language, or fanciful guitar and mandolin work, but I do hope to simply sing a story in a pleasing way. So here you have songs about falling in love with my wife and kids, songs about my old home town (new and old, good and bad), and songs based on classic Bible stories. I have certainly enjoyed making these songs, and I hope you enjoy hearing them.


released April 1, 2008


all rights reserved


Track Name: The tale of Ed Johnson
on a cold winter’s night in St. Elmo
the year was 1906
miss Nevada Taylor
attacked and waylaid
and dark was the criminal’s skin
and dark was the criminal’s skin

worst crime in all the towns hist’ry
Chattanooga was pulsing with rage
the hounds came up empty
so the sherriff’s deputy
found a black man of young age
found a black man of young age

Ed Johnson declared he’d done nothing
he’d been at the Last Chance Saloon
but downtown they took him
and justice forsook him
though he had done nothing wrong
though he had done nothing wrong

the lynch mob came with their fury
they stormed with rifles and rope
but the guard stood strong
and sent the crowd home
and Ed had a glimmer of hope
and Ed had a glimmer of hope

12 white jurors assembled
a trial was speedily done
Nevada wasnt quite certain
but her hand pointed to him
he was probly the one
he was probly the one

the appeal went to the courts highest
Judge Harlan granted a stay
but the lynch mob returned
to kill and to burn
and noone dared stand in their way
and noone dared stand in their way

for hours they hammered the jail doors
they mocked and they beat young Ed down
and down at the span
each woman and man
rejoiced as his feet left the ground
rejoiced as his feet left the ground

so here on the Walnut Street Bridge
remember poor Ed and lament
for the last thing they heard
were his final words:
God bless you, I am innocent
God bless you, I am innocent
Track Name: The shepherd's song
(G) Twas a moonlit night, million (C) stars in the sky,
(G) Another night camped on the (D) hill.

(G) Another long day had (C) faded away
(G) And everything got (D) suddenly (G) still.

(Em) The sky exploded with (Am) light,
(Em) We were sure we would (Am-G) die.
But a (Em) strange voice said: (Am) Don’t be afraid!

(G) Good news! Great joy! You’ll (C) find in a boy:
(G) The Savior, Christ the (D) Lord!

(G) He’s in King David’s town, Go (C) worship him now.
(G) The One who was (D) promised is (G) born

(G) I was still afraid and (C) rather amazed.
(G) The night sky was bright as the (D) day

(G) I thought I was dreaming but the (C) angel was gleaming,
(G) Talkin bout (D) mangers and (G) hay

(Em) And quick as a bolt, the (Am) one became thousands
(Em) Each bright as the sun, and (Am) singing as one:

(G) Glory to God in the (C) highest! (G) Peace to those whom He (D) loves!
(G) Glory to God in the (C) highest! (G) Peace to (D) those whom He (G) loves!

(G) I wanted to ask just (C) what all this meant
(G) But quick as they came they were (D) gone

(G) So we all decided to (C) go down and find him
(G) To worship (D) Messiah the (G) Lord

(Em) The sheep had all fled, but (Am) we didnt mind
(Em) We ran down the hill to see (Am) what we could find (singing)

(chorus 2)

(G) We searched the whole town but he (C) couldnt be found in the
(G) places a king ought to (D) be

(G) But then we remembered the (C) hay and the manger
(G) And found them, a (D) young fami(G)ly.
(Em) They looked tired and (Am) scared,
(Em)Asked why we were (Am-G)there.
We (Em) told them our story, and (Am) glimpsed at God’s glory.
Track Name: St. Elmo home
I live in the shadow of the mountain
1/2 a mile from the Georgia line
in a little neighborhood
treats me so good
founded eighteen-eighty-five

come spring the trees are in full bloom
cherry and pear so fine
when the wind blows
it looks like snow
with the flowers that fill the sky

call it Lookout Town
call it St. Elmo
call it Chattanooga
I dont mind
whatever you call this little old place
I’ll call it home sweet home of mine

we got ourselves a little history
got an incline railroad too
an amazing mile
will bring a smile
beautiful smokey mount view

got all kinds of folks round here
all colors both old and young
try to get along
‘cuz we all belong
every nation tribe and tounge
Track Name: Tear it down
When the wall came down
It gave a mighty groan
Dust and dirt all ’round
Exposing steel and stone

An old brick building
Eight stories tall
Piece by piece they’ve come
To make it fall

Tear it down, tear it down
Cant keep the old around
There’s no room in this town
So tear it down.

There’s machines and men
Come to tear away
What machines and men
Built back in the day

Got a new one now
It’s just four blocks down
Nine stories high
Finest site in town


Take it down to dirt
You knew it wouldnt last
We’ve no further use
For relics of the past

Leave no trace behind
Pave it over, all black
Sometimes to move ahead
We’ve got to turn our back
Track Name: Be my Nancy
I’ll be your Norman, if you’ll be my Nancy
I’ll pick out a simple tune, nothing all too fancy
If I try the melody
Will you sing sweet harmony?
If I’ll be your Norman, will you be my Nancy?

Will you play a steady beat?
Sweet runs voiced in a different key.
Pick out notes that intertwine
Two hearts, one song: that’s oh-so-fine

We can sing some happy songs
About our little home where we belong
Or maybe a tune about long ago
When things were simple and life was slow

I might never pick too good
But honey I hope it’s understood
That if you’re playing by my side
Sweet music rings out far and wide
Track Name: Ed Bass
His name was Ed Bass
He needed that road done fast
There wasnt a way around
To the south side of the town

The old warehouse was in his way
Georgia said it had to stay
But Ed was the kind of man
To take things in his hands

So grab your axes and your shovels boys
Here’s what we’re gonna do
We’ll take that darned old building down
We’ll split it right in two

As the night began to fall
Ed’s bulldozer attacked the wall
Soon a band began to play
And South Broad was on its way

They worked all through the night
So Georgia couldnt put up a fight
Round midnight Ed drove through
That old warehouse torn in two

After this Ed stuck around
20 years he led this town
and he should always renowned
for taking Broad street all the way down
(to the town of St. Elmo)
Track Name: Lover and friend
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace,
In three-quarter time you don’t mind the rain,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

With black dress swirling, a curl in your face,
You playfully try to lead once again,
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace.

Now missing a step, the downbeat we chase,
The one-two-three pulse we slip, then regain,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

My eye searches yours, sees barely a trace,
Of the forthcoming frustration and pain,
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace.

But tonight in this mysterious place,
Your smile and delight I seek to sustain,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

Oh for the power to pause time and space;
Take away sorrow and let this remain:
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.
Track Name: My Aya
A picture here pinned in my cube
Little hand, you were just two
Little hand, outlined in green
I keep it close by so I see
How small you were not long ago.
Oh I love watching you grow.

Oh my Aya
I’m so happy you’re my little girl
Oh my Alice
You know I would give you the world

Your photo here, I see it each day
You sleep so late I dont see your face
I miss your smile and your curls
That sweet voice of my little girl
Your brown eyes, that spot by your ear
These truly are the best of years


I wonder just how you will be
Growing up, it’s so hard to see
Your way in this confusing world
But you’ll always be Jesus’ little girl
Trust Him and remember to pray
He’ll keep you close by each day

Track Name: Everything New
1. (G) Write this down, it’s (C) tried and it’s (G) true
(G) Jesus is making (D) everything new

2. New (G) heaven and earth, and (C) no more (G) sea
(G) God sends down His (D) holy (G) city

3. (C) He’s coming again, this (G) time to (D) stay
(C) Death is dead, (A7) tears wiped (D) away
4. (G) Everything’s done, the (C) last and (G) first
(G) Come to the well, (D) quench your (G) thirst

5. (G) No temple, just the (C) Lord and (G) Lamb, no
(G) sun nor moon, his (D) glory’s the lamp

6. (G) Gates are open, (C) never a (G) night
(G) Bring your praises, (D) dance in the (G) light

7. (C) No room for sins, or (G) those who (D) deceive
(C) Just the Lamb’s, are (A7) His (D) eternally

8. (G) Are you the Lamb’s, His (C) beautiful (G) wife?
(G) Is your name in the (D) book of (G) life?

Repeat 1, 3, 8